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(A Series of 14 Chapter Books)


     "Beware of haunted mansions.  Beware of haunted castles.  The Dark Wolf walks," Gunter squeezed words.  "Husband," said Gerta, "find your spoon.  Your bone and broth are ready."  The hag stirred her pot of boiling stew.  "Then, yes," she went on.  "He married the fair maiden, Lady Anandamora Allesandra of Bojnice Castle, Romania.  We are old, husband.  Let young ones solve the bloody puzzle."  Barry and Mary Screepy share family secrets with newfound friends.  A nasty recipe of covert activities of Bartholomew Screepy the 1st (The Dark Wolf) divulges much.  Family share concerns for their sister, Cary, and her soul.  With clues from Screepy Cemetery helpers: Nightcrawler Doug Deep, Shovel and Pick, Grave Maker Gary, from Dead Ned Nipper, and Red Reaper, (Keeper of the Coffins), ghosts, goblins, and ghouls might wrack minds.

Codices Keys

Roman History, Greek Mystery

Egyptian Creepy & Chinese Philosophy


…Await you


 In a quirk of fate, clubhouse friends stalk the snaky, burrowing basement of old man Boswell’s creepy, mansion. They chase three, peculiar, mischief makers.  Each, clings to Cleat Quick.  Goonaticks dare Cleat to wear a magical ring. "Yes, try that one.  We...whoa!"  From a secret, velvet-lined box left by a pirate, captain, the ring empowers and overwhelms charismatic, cantankerous Cleat.  "Whoosh!" Friends vanish through the captain’s magic mirror of time.  An odd crew travels with Goonaticks. 

Mayan Miracles

The doctor didn’t hesitate to give a cackling, keel-billed, toucan’s answer.  “I would love to be able to administer the medication, immediately, which might possibly help Suzy, young man.  However, the bad news is the remedy is so rare.  Extracts from an extremely wild and endangered plant species, Cardio rubra, found mostly in the Yucatan of Mexico, were used in the treatment of patients I mentioned.  There is no extract available at the moment.  There are no plants housed from which an extract, a serum, can be derived.”

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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