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Christmas Music

Christmas songs (with potential to music video 1) & tunes (words on file)


·         “Christmas on the Mountain”

·         “Pages of a Book so True” (part animation)

·         “Dreaming Dreams of Santa’s Sled”

·         “Christmas in Song”

·         “Something Old Something New”

·         “Singing Jingle Bells to Mars”

·         “Tick Tock Tick Tock” (part animation)

·         “A Christmas Wish”

·         “Snowman” (Animation)

·         “Santa Park Your Reindeer” (part animation)

·         “My Christmas Call”

·         “Santa’s Snowflakes”

·         “Snickle dee Tickle me”

·         “Enduring Days”

·         Christmas Song

Christmas songs & tunes (potential to music video #2) (words on file)


·         “In Ice on Christmas Eve”

·         “Whiz Bang Clang” (part animation)

·         “North Pole—Phoo-oo” (part animation)

·         “Whistling Wind on a Wire”

·         “Sprinkling Snow” (animation)

·         “Snow Bears” (animation)

·         “Ice Elves” (animation)

·         “Hues”

·         “Our Car’s a Big Big Star”

·         “He Was a Carpenter”

·         “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” (by French composer Paul Dukas; puppet animation set to the “Ice Witch” who brings “Freeze” and “Ghoul” to an ancient stone village Christmas Eve; animation)

·         “On Wings of an Angel”

·         “One Little Candle” (part animation)

·         “Merry Christmas We’ll Sing”

·         “Snowflakes Falling” (part animation)

·         “Santa Has a Stuffy Nose” (part animation)

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