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Screepy's Book Key

Mystery Book 1: Legend of Bartholomew Screepy

Mystery Book 2:

Eye Stone & Ghosts Moan

Mystery Book 3: White Wolves, Bloodstone & Nessie Tales

Mystery Book 4: Book of the Spirits the Land & More

Mystery Book 5: London Witches Peter Pan

Mystery Book 6:

Chillingham & the Hand of Time

Mystery Book 7:

Alcazar de Segovia & Sorcerer Candelario Calixto

Mystery Book 8: Dragon oh Dragon, Fuzzybinkawink Appear

Mystery Book 9: Caernafon Pox, Vikings Knock

Mystery Book 10:

Chenonceau, Hunchback Sees Shadows

Mystery Book 11:

Frankenstein Wakes

Mystery Book 12:

Crypt-Kickers of Bojnice

Mystery Book 13:

The Count is Out at Bran

Mystery Book 14:

Jack Eye Mole & Tepes Gory Ghouls

The Screepy's (List of 14 Chapter Books & haunted tales, secrets, clues, involving 13 European Castles in all of Europe: ghosts, goblins, ghouls & dreadful, historical fiction, in a spooky, 920 page, European, fictional mystery.  Mystery Moves the Mind: Open Your Mystery)

*Could be divided into 3 novels, made for 3 movies (part or full animation; includes 28 (mostly number 1, familiar, fun, spooky songs, blended seamlessly to the text, to enhance action, entertainment; ex., Tubular Bells, Witch Doctor, Thriller, Boris the Spider, Haunted House of Rock, etcetera)

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