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(30) Environmental, earth, science-related texts, planetary concerns, climate change (fiction with historical fiction segments)

Dynamic characters, attention grabbing story-lines/plots, levels of love, sports, drama, humor, spectacular settings, thought-provoking, highly-entertaining):


Five-star; to film potential (300 to 450 pp.)



  •          “Star Keys” (earth-planetary, climate change space-environmental-science-themed, thought-provoking blockbuster, 7 novels, series) “Star Keys”; The Last Jedi is not the last Jedi. CBS, NBC, Fox/Disney "Star Keys" & more, Mystery's writes books to go to movies for big bucks.  Star Keys has ground & space action, space ships, space guns, love, drama, comedy, battles, fun, mystery, and sports. "Master--Gameon (Game e on) & the Order of the Octagon awaits u."   epic block-buster series, 7 novels, (7 movies, prequel possible, and more) 320 to 450 pp, ea.; exciting space mystery & adventure.  “Star Keys” has its own set of unique Jedi’s (Themas, pronounced Thaymas or Taymas, the Brotherhood, the Order) with protagonist Theman Zahl (the man, pronounced Thaymahn), son Tee, Lord Ze (Zehmuel) Zahl, antagonist, brother; beget of Zyron & Zethra of Xanthos.   Aliens, exotic worlds, 5 levels of romance, thematic big screen music, comedy, tragedy, war, (real & animation blend), for ages 8 to 100; blended basketball, football, auto racing (hover-cars), golf, martial arts, wrestling, swimming, strong science (A to Z) fiction; movie series; (Mystery’s delivers; thank u)

  • James Horatio Bond Nye, superspy; phenomenal action, intrigue thrillers—sophisticated world climate, environment issues, science, books made to go to movies)

  • *(1st book: Lochbauk Riddle—450-page action, intrigue thriller complete; science, ice-mammal genetics, environment, transformational Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde, Cambridge University, England; astounding special effects blended with realistic book to movie characters

  • *2nd book: Ports of Call—50 pages of 450 pages to be action, intrigue thriller completed; sound outline for entire book complete (talented screen writers can complete if they wish for movie); terrific science, environment, climate change issues affecting seafood production/distribution worldwide; realistic book to movie characters

  • *3rd book: Mengele’s Vector)—viral influenza mutant strains always a world threat mixed with climate change, superspy action, world peril; will compose 50 pages of 450 pages to be action thriller, & currently have complete, sound outline for entire book complete (talented screen writers can complete if they wish for movie)

  • (golf & sports included)

  • Thrilling action, exotic settings, espionage, James Horatio Bond Nye (superspy) dissolves world threats amidst chaos, great music, romance, while exuding style & saving, partnering with, or wrestling lovely ladies.  (characters, storyline, settings, time, plots, provided)

  •          “Ice Age Mystery (3 novels, series) (covers North America, earth-planetary science, climate change & 12,000 years ago, fiction-historical fiction)

  •          “Mayan Mystery” (novel) (fiction-historical fiction) (covers Yucatan rainforest)·        

  •          "Ring of Treasure" (400 to 450 pages) (marine science, colonial history, love, college football, golf, mystery, danger, college teens trace Captain William Kidd’s adventure (great historical fiction; a twist to seriously consider events of history).  Seas, oceans, aquatic life.  Adventure & treasure.

  •           "The Big Lips Bandit" (novella)



Five-star; cartoon, TV animation potential (easy readers designed to be illustrated; 32 to 50 pp.)


  •          “Golpher: Mystery at the Pond”

  •          “Golpher Reads Greens”

  •          “Jurassic Ark: Golpher Schools Leaders”

  •          “Golpher & Arctic Gold”

  •          “Rubber Band Man”

  •          “Treasure in the Trees”

  •          “Land of Mystical Scents”

  •          “Goof the Grass Gnome”

  •          “Golpher & Jinx in Help Save the Planet” (Weather Channel wonders with junior meteorologist girl, Arty)

  • "Figgy Daughshund: A Spooky Christmas"

  • ·         "Zone in for Gold"

  •           "Mepper Bean & the Dinosaur Plant.  Just beginning: 6/15/18 (an easy reader for 10-year-olds & younger & grandparents who want to help inspire their grandchildren).  Mepper Bean (an old gardener) & neighbor, “Bug,” (9-year-old Boston Red Sox bat girl) solicit help from Dr. George Church (Harvard Medical School, leading genetics scientist, working DNA genomics & Pleistocene Park possibilities).  “Bug, as I study my yard and my garden, I see pollution.  It’s a problem.”  “Yes, sir,” said Bug.  She nodded.  “So much pollution,” Mepper rattled on, “I see squirrels, birds, gophers with plastic bags in my front yard, plastic straws in my garden, plastic everywhere.”  “I understand Mr. Bean.”  They looked to Mepper’s garden where a mole was tugging at a straw.  “I was at Boston Beach last week, swimming.  The pollution was nasty,” Bug said.  Mepper Bean tapped his chin.  “Jurassic Park.  I’ve an idea, Bug.  Plantasaurus,” whispered Mepper.  He smiled.  “A dino-plant that could grow & eat pollution?  Today, we have microbes eating oil slicks, slime, & yucky stuff.  Might, we make and grow a dinosaur that could eat big-pollution?  Dr. George Church is my cousin, Bug.  He could help.”  Bug nodded.  Later, at Harvard Medical school, meeting Dr. Church, Bug asked, “I didn’t know you could make a dinosaur from a plant?”  Dr.  Church smiled to Mepper & Bug.  “We might can, now, little Bug.”  Dr. Church winked.  “I’ll guide you as you grow your garden.”  Silly and fun with realistic talk of gene development, science, ideas for young boys & girls to dream of, think about, Mepper Bean & Bug, after experimentation & development, during the 7th inning stretch, later release giant “Plantasaurus” (named Fetch) from Boston’s Fenway Park as Boston Sox sluggers & invited big-hitters Dustin, Justin, Tiger, Rory, Lexi, and Brooke entice Fetch to zoom over the Green Monster, to the Charles River, then to Boston Harbor & the Atlantic where garden-grown dino-plant, Fetch, (Plantasaurus) might begin life gobbling up ocean pollution. 

  • Figuro Ozmit

  • 12 Dwarfs & the College Football Craze (1890's, Oregon Ducks & Washington Huskies first college football games, 12 dwarfs, first golf clubs in Oregon & Washington, & competition with blueberries & apples, baking pies, muffins--way too funny with first west coast Indians involved; spread to growth of college football coast to coast, spread of blueberries & apples coast to coast; excellent historic fiction)

  • Fuzzy Wuzzy (Australian koalas, marsupials, golf & sports, fun environmental lessons in physics & stormy weather)

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