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***Iconic characters under (Mystery’s LLC) Clubhouse Crew copyright (Space to chocolate to golf to European castle spooks to sports to Mayan Mystery & so much more)

(see below (all books; about 85) for added book list & detail thank you)


A.  Golf: (70 books all or primarily golf or good segments of golf, the golf clubhouse, course)                                                                                                  


Tee                                                               Cleat        

Golpher (pronounced goal-fur)                   Hazard

Jinx                                                               Oh Bee

Chip                                                             Shank

Putt                                                              Gimme

Sandy                                                          Birdie

Bogey                                                          Plug

Slice                                                             Linky Swink

Theman (pronounced Thay-mahn)             Croaky Stroke

Golpher & Jinx series                                  Sam Friendly

Chip & Putt series


13 key characters specific to golf (and sports, school, the clubhouse, adventures, and with many friends with nicknames potentially use for real film making.)


Nickname                              Real Name                                Race 


Chip Crew                             Charles Crew                        Caucasian

Cleat Quick                            Jeffy Spinkenale                   Caucasian or Afro American

Bogey Brown                         Bucky Gordy                        Caucasian

Shank (Shakie) Sharpie         Santiago Kosho                     Spanish/Japanese

Sandy                                     Sandifer Yindi                      Indian

Slice                                       Sly Icelet                               Afro American

Lippy Liplock                        Louie Pippynata                    Italian

Gimme Grunt                         Gilmore Mead                       Caucasian or Afro American

Plug Nickel                             Peter Lugoff Nickel              Caucasian/Bavarian

Birdie                                     Ahoya Dao                             Chinese/Japanese

Hazard A. Guess                    Hazel Zardonocki                  Caucasian/Polish

Oh Bee                                   Oh Beeyoto                            Japanese

Putt Perfect                             Paula Perfect                         Caucasian




B. All sports:


Ni’te Nutup

Hyperion (Olympic hero)



C.  Baseball: (9 books. Plant a Mustard Seed; Land of Mystical Scents; Mystery & Pirating Perils; Mepper Bean; Ice Age Mystery I; Ice Age Mystery 2; Ice Age Mystery 3; Goof the Grass Gnome; Hickory Stick (only outline of Alfred Hitchcock mystery novel to date) all baseball or good segments of baseball, baseball relatedness.


Stanley (Stanislav Ice-Cup Husky)

Goof the Grass Gnome (all grass fields, courses)

Goonaticks (animated lunaticks; Nick-Nicks):

  Going Once

  Going Twice


Fun Toads & Skunks names in Land of Mystical Scents who throw mudballs, sliders, curves, fastballs, try to steal HOME



D.  Football: (9 books with all football or good scenes, action of football; related)


The Freezer

The Bumplebutts

Touchdown Testy

Rubber Band Man

Noodle KaNuckle

Maniac Mike (“meathead”) Means

Freaky Wilbur



E.  Basketball: (4 books with basketball or good scenes, action, basketball related)


Lucky Dawg

Johnny JumpUp



F.  Racing: (20, 30, 40, 50, 60 books with cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles; but only 3, 4, or 5 books with character related short racing, action)


Kidd Carr

Kiki Carr

Willie Wheels

Chassis Stephens

Lug-nut Louie

Penny Oil



G.  Soccer: (2 books with character related soccer, action)



Taco Tee



H.  Pirates: (4 good pirate and pirate related books)



Captain Shiver me Timbers


Scurvy Dawg

Poopdeck Patty

Captain Huttle (Huddle)

Deadlights Dan


Booty Bates

Captain Really Double Bad

Jack o’ Coins

One eyed Jack

Cut me Cutlass


Black Patch

Drop Dead Anchor

Mend me Bones

Captain William Kidd (realistic; historic novel recreated with recent facts, to movie-film potential (Ring of Treasure)



I.  Spy series (realistic themes—4 books to 4 big screen/film weighty potential)

James Horatio Bond Nye (superspy)



J.  Arty the Weather Girl



K.  Building/construction/tools/garden: (26 books with action, scenes, characters good)



Nelly Painter

Tommy ToggleBolt

Penny Plumber

Danny DoublePole

Manuel Mowher

Pinky Sprinkle

Rocket Socket Ricky Rockett

Jo'se Grozit

Kimberly Knot

Sawdust (Jasper Curdle or Dust)

Splinter (Corey Bean or Splint)



Mason Ree

Other characters in strong building action



L.  Science Fiction (space) (7 of 10 planned extensive sci fi potent novels deal with star-space adventure, mystery)


Science Fiction (worlds, suns, galaxies of a different universe)


Na Tookey Eh                      Ahilo Theman (Thaymahn) One     9 Knights

Nano Tek                             Thema (Thayma) Tee                      Caige

Byte Down                            9 Theta Tau                                   Alexander

Mass Defect                         Auktetu’ane                                    Theman  & son Thema Tee

1-2 I.Q. (droid)                      Iodee                                              Eumache

Stargazer                              Datan Oa                                        Demeter

GyroScope                            47 Quai Sigma Nu 2                      Ethan

Oi Troi Ooey Oi                    Kee Z-5                                         Toxaris

General Yabba Yea               General Tiekus Tauk                     Ainia

Geode                                    Dyon Nubak                                   Manope

Niobi Peta 4                           Pion-U                                            Eurybe

Blue Genie 1                        Crust                                             The Ghinte

Sol-Star                                Noy                                               The Spider Alliance

I-6 U Fix (droid)                  Nobo 3 and Nobo 4                      

Q.R. 5                                    Na                                                  The Order

Kieri Oto                                Know-2                                         The Brotherhood

Captain Verak Toskinov        1-4 Laser Light                          The Ring of Spirit Fighters

Counselor Dao Confuci         2-8 B Strait (droid)                        The Way

Metta Ghanges                       4-2 Zat-U (droid)

Saranay                                  Si Omega 3                                    Starships

3-9 Be Hind (droid)              Nik Nik Nik e Tay                 The Doom Clone (The Nova Ghint’e)

The Wimps, The Wimp Miracle (oracles)                              (The Mother Spider-Carrier)

Dr. Sentia Creel                     Captain Troy On-5                    (Nova Ghinte-4 and Spider-Ships)

Carbon Based Neuts              I.K. Fwong Way                      The Dawn Watcher (stellar cruiser)      

2-Mol-R-2                              Dusty Data                                 (The Mother Galaxy Glider)

H See L-1                              Dr. D-2 Moonstar                       (or Clipper Ships, shuttle-craft)

Zryon and Zethra Zahl           So-Lute 10                                 The Moondrifter

Borzoyle Ze Zahl                   Na O-Ech                                    Ahilo Theman One

Borzanar                                Dr. Piqak Aknua

Borathra                                 Bit-2-Bit              NaBobby 2 Face’s Palace—drinks and foods

Boryion                                  General Oi Troi Ooey Oi       Hard Raht cola drinks

Sanhedra                                General Ot Bot                          New-moon colas

Crater                                      General Mu Arae-b                  Flaxberry, Frasberry drinks

Optic O                                  General (Lady) Veedon             Carmadon and Raht café’s

Dune Dawn He                       General Tuft                             Raht Malts

Uda Dante                               General Nine-d-Nine               Moon tea & Moon chocolate’

Gwon Don                               Ewe                                          Skaymea flavored teas

Galileo                                   Noopa 1-2-6                            Ice Moons, Ice melts

Wolfram                                  Twana                                       Shweep stew; Shweep steak

Ascension Runner                   Corona                                     Noopian cat eyes

Nahooey 6                               Hassa                                        Rhat stew; Dzark steak

Borauk                                     NaCoya Ohm                            Roast spabbit, scrouse, skurkey

Zaggia 12                                Zruck b-Zen                               Blue-moon pie and cheese

Yang Yik                                Twist Knaught                           Skaks & Skookies, etc.

Oika Helio                               Keo Coy

Skyrmion                                Joule                     G-T Fighters (Hovercraft & Plane Pilots)

Chuco Du-I                             Dr. Trong                              Hovercraft (The G-force)

Sunsetter                                 Dr. Yearing                           Photon

Muon Mole                             Dreggs                                   1-4 Laser Light

Brothers to Zryon Zahl                                                          Moonbuggy

  Bogdan                                                                                 Galileo

  Dao Chan                                                                                  Gank

  Coshini                                                                                 Ascension Runner

  Nehnu                                                                                     Optic O

  Ioncu                                                                                     Wolfram

  Pompilu                                                                               Dreammagic

  Titus                                                                                     Byte Down

  Ovidiu                                                                                  Moonbite

Odg                                         Sheenon                                 DuneTrekker

Prince Kieusiv                         Princess Iode'a                        Stargazer

Uutoe                                      Quiax                                     Dune Dawn He

Kna-p Nagooda                       Fa’at

Synixeeon                               Rhemor                     The Anti-Book of Art

Dath                                        Rovers                 

Nexta Z                                   Gank                          Ancients of the Dark

Wyena                                     Moonbite                   Ancients of the Light

Calipha                                    Rad

Dunetrekker                            Hovercraft (Hover)

Moonmagic                             Moonbuggy

Destiny                                     Quantum and Quanta

Redshift                                     D-Kay

Dyne                                          DuAway (the Closer)

Dreadcube (Cube)                     AMU

N-Jen-Nak                                NaBobby 2 Face

Luana Kay                                Rhatori Ana

Whoodle                                   Bump & Toss

Dreammagic                             Photon

Amoxypha                                Quax

Floppy Q                                   Decibel (Sonic)





  Grot, Grunt, Gripe, Grout, Torg, Trot, Trunt

Bainai Ogres

  Unxa, Ixe, Woogle, Oooks, Ugghs, Erks, Awks, Ikes, Ux, Onx, Wrunks, Wroxy, baby Google, babies Kixie and Kookx


 Araya (Shining Star), Orion (Great Shadow), Cassiopeia (Colors of the Day), Clay Magic

Great Birds

  Pericles, Hercules, Archimedes, Damosthenes


  Commander Player, Captain Sanjeet, Scouts Jamin, Jerud, and Janon


  Trog, Dyte

Beasts of Boreggador



Baizan, cook

Ayzyon, bride of Borzoyle Ze

Gameonites (little people)

  Bimini Whortle, Faug Gerryundun, Mrs. Nipey Skikinmore, Hans Whoopelmas, Dauf Hookeytink, Ghengin Skankin, Kaimey Puttywhoodle, Teeter, Niari, Mr. Flittypopkin, Pixan Pouhan, Katkin Lierloogy, Tommy Tugwert, Simpkin Nodfark, Mixie Tottlepippy, Floxie Gerrin, and more

  Engineers of the Fields (Agronomae, Aquaknu, Hydrogoni)

  Stumple, Wimple, Rumple, Dimple, (entertainers and servants to Harvest House)

  Warriors of the Watch (Crenna, Crasush, Wayzon, Warish, Wymon, Warunda, Wuanon) Warmon, Zorswatch (Captain)

  Zeyman, Zi, Zimon (fishermen of the fisheries)

  Housekeepers (Whizwhoo and Whazat)

  Gameonites (Guyunne Prime Minister with wife and daughter, Gayeila, Ganelle)

  Ladies of the Fields (Guyana, Guyene, Zimenneta

Zyanne, Zena, Faunta, Fayenne)

  Waisals (Duke and Deke, Baisal, Hazel)

Skyfire, Sky Wing

Zanna and Anna Wupplewook (cooks of Harvest House)

9 Knights




M.  Foods & Beverage: (throughout all books)


Ice Cup

Kannapolis Isenbutter Druesdorph (the Chocolate Kid; bright 3rd grade chocolate baker extraordinaire)

Cook Bubba Gump

Henri Hunter Dumas (& Gilly): barbecue (Bring Home the Bacon)

Baking elves (muffins & pies):











     Grandma Spice


Frosty, Freeze, Igloo, Snowflake (Inuit helpers, also known as The Big Chill)

Taco Tee



N.  Pets (dogs & cats & animals for Purina, Milk Bone, Blue Buffalo, etc.):


Wolf (dog)

Spooky (dog)

Cat Dander (cat)

Golpher (dog)

Jinx (cat)

Fuzzy Wuzzy (koala)

Skidmore (cat)

Maug (the mole)




O.  The Screepies (915 pp. long unillustrated; divide into 14 illustrated books of 13 countries of Europe with spooky clue finding in the Creepy Case of Castles as a Harry Potter, Scooby Doo adventure)


Merlock Colmbs (young private detective of Scotland Yard)

Mary Screepy

Barry Screepy

Creepy Screepy                                                     Book of the Spirits, the Land, & More

Sleepy Screepy

Fairy Screepy

Gary, Larry, Perry, Terry, Veri, Cary Screepy

Parents of Screepy children (Peepy and Harry Screepy; Mr. and Mrs. Jeepers Screepy)

Lord Bartholomew Screepy (The Dark Wolf)

Lady Anandamora (his bride)                                          Edward Pope’s Ice Cream Hope

Chantal Damwai                                                                      Specialty ice cream shop

Count Dracul (Vlad Tepes)

Johann Konrad Brueberg Cripple-Dipplestein

Mr. Fuzzybinkawink                                                         The Creepy Screepy Cemetery

Doug Diggs Deep (Worm)

Kaskit Maker

Reaper (The keeper of coffins)

Grave Maker Gary

Pick Lick a Wick (Pick)


Dead Ned Nipper

Ms. Muppet and Ms. Peabody (librarians)

Yeoman Warder

Whoopy Boopy Bird

Captain Laffy Daffy Diego Rivera

Bunchpack Carillonneur

Sorcerer Candelario Calixto

Sir James Rottingham (the butler)

Dr. Rickety Bones

Spooky (Creepy’s pet dog)

Old man

Old woman

Ghosts, goblins, ghouls



P.  Figuro Ozmit (elf bless-me; herbal/plant specialist; cures, heals)

Q.  Argo Pebble (Hermit at Pebble)



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