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Scout’s Plan (girl & boy scouts, troop leaders, former scouts & volunteers everywhere): worldwide.  Have fun.  And $$$$$$$$.  Easy.  Just start.  (Corporate sponsor not necessary).  Scouts free seasons pass to their choice of games.


Chocolate Kid (Kannapolis Isenbutter Druesdorph (central character) is a brilliant fun loving, curious 3rd grade scout, ice cream & chocolate baker extraordinaire)

  1.  Scouts fun worthy program: (3 to 37+ million worldwide Scouts & leaders, girls & boys, & former scouts).  Just bring your book to fun games (with proof of purchase of your Chocolate Kid book & your Scout badge/ID). Continue to read about fun & profits.


*Scouts—this could be your free chance to see fun games & have your favorite sports people sign your book

1st Presbyterian Church Greenville: oldest boy’s scout troop in the state of SC: Mystery’s asks to help promote & push (1st Presbyterian Church Greenville SC already has Chocolate Kid fun novel I’ve given them):

(Savannah, Georgia, with the origin of Girl Scouting (Drayton Street downtown) in the U.S. & Georgia Historical Society also an excellent avenue to pursue, and Mystery’s asks help to push the history of scouting.  Consider IPC (Independent Church Savannah Ga) Savannah’s assistance (IPC church Savannah already has a copy of Chocolate Kid scout fun novel I’ve given them), as Mystery’s asks help to push the history of scouting and fun, herein, with…

Everyone, everywhere, push & promote Scouts!

Go viral!  (This text can be immediately purchased in the U.S. & throughout the world, via, Bookshop heading, like an Amazon account.  The text will be delivered to the purchaser’s or troop’s door—singles, cartons, or as many as desired: enter quantity you want to purchase & location as an Amazon account.)

Scouts (golf & sports rewards scouts) are recognized: Willie Wonka grand prizes. And Scouts can begin now. (*Please note it is up to the One golf & One sport organization/team/tournament which the purchasing Scout chooses—it is up to the sport businesses to honor the scout’s admission & benefits for a year’s free season’s pass to games AND for one golf or tennis tournament or one golf round & lessons at a participating golf course).

Examples of Scout’s free seasonal passes for one year (from time of purchase):

  • Football season’s free pass + one golf or tennis event or tournament

  • Baseball season’s free pass + one golf or tennis event or tournament

  • Basketball season’s free pass + one golf or tennis event or tournament

  • Hockey season’s free pass + one golf or tennis event or tournament

  • Soccer season’s free pass + one golf or tennis event or tournament

  • (Field hockey, or rugby, or lacrosse + one golf or tennis event or tournament

*Don’t forget your discount: Chocolate Kid is available for sale at Bookshop. Type in Mark K Mitchell, author.  Enter as guest & coupon code 12345 for a $5.00 discount. 

  1. PGA Tour & PGA America & LPGA & world golf rewards Scouting: free entry pass; & one free round of golf & golf lesson when a Scout brings their Chocolate Kid book & proof of purchase, Scout badge/ID to any of the 26,000 worldwide participating golf clubs or many golf tournaments.

  2. Team Sports: And (when presented at their favorite team’s sport arena/stadium) the scout (and troop’s) receive free season’s pass to favorite sports team’s ball games (the NFL Falcons, Dolphins, Bills, Kansas City Chiefs; the Georgia Bulldogs, Clemson Tigers, NC State Wolfpack, Oregon Ducks, Texas Longhorn, Penn State Nittany Lions, Auburn Tigers, and on and on college football teams; basketball teams, soccer teams, hockey, baseball teams as Colorado Rockies, Cincinnati Reds, New York Yankees, major tennis tournaments, on and on.  College or professional games.  Boys & girls scouts, the troop, the troop leaders & former scouts are rewarded when presenting their book as a free season’s pass, a token to each ticket office, at admission, (with proof of purchase & Scout ID, for each book).

   3.  Mystery’s will place (on the front page of its website (and announce in the near future)…Scout’s Plan on Mystery’s current or new-built website) a tally of news & any further clarity about the Scouts Plan:

A.  The Scout Plan with its fun benefits for Scouts.

  1. A running tally of Scout Chocolate Kid books purchased by Scouts & Scout former members & associates.

  2. Grand prize(s) Willie-Wonka-like, 1 to 5 to 10 awards, a drawing for grand surprises.

  3. Announcement to ultimate winners of the drawing(s): posted on the Mystery’s website front page.

  4. Bookbaby printing/publishing (which Mystery’s uses) has accounting functions.  Placing Scout Troop & or Scout on your Scout, ship to (home or troop) address allows Mystery’s to tally Scout plan benefits.

  5. Place your Scout Troop Name & Number, the word Scout Joe Bloom or Scout Ann Warner for example, on your purchase address (as you would an Amazon purchase, only to use and Bookshop to find Chocolate Kid under Mark K Mitchell, author.)  Troop ABC and name & address. Scout Joe Bloom or Ann Warner for example.

Simply start, Scouts.  Make a Chocolate Kid purchase, read the exciting book, & go have fun.


(*Please note it is up to the golf & sport organization/team/tournament which the purchasing Scout chooses—it is up to the One sport organization/team to honor the scout’s admission & benefits for one free season’s pass to games AND for One golf or tennis tournament or one golf round & lessons at a participating golf course)

(*Intellectual property elements of Chocolate Kid: characters, songs, advertising, licensing rights do not extend to Scouts.  These intellectual property rights are available to interested key people & corporations who want part or all of Mystery’s LLC total portfolio.)

(*The Scout plan for Chocolate Kid book will continue for 1 year—from date of purchase: Scouts & golf & sport participators can refer to the Date of Proof of Purchase of Chocolate Kid & any golf & sport participators (Game gate, ticket officials; or golf or tennis pros at a club could also sign and date the book at their discretion to indicate beginning & expiration of benefits.  Scouts: keep your proof of purchase.)

(*Free shipping may apply to a quantity of 25 or more purchases, for example, to a single Troop’s address; must be a single address, somewhere.)


(*Mystery’s encourages each game/team, tournament, golf & tennis club, to announce & recognize (at least once during the season) the presence of any single scout or multiple outstanding Troop(s) at any game.)


Build a better world.  Will you support Scouts today?


(Mystery’s LLC works with Faegre Drinker Denver attorneys & team (Mr. Douglas R. Wright senior counsel preeminent Colorado business attorney) worldwide offices, full services, 1200 attorneys, top 50 firm: dealings, negotiations, contract discussions, money transfers, closure deals with key people & corporations & organizations for Mystery’s LLC fun & cooperative, sharing profit business.)

(Net profits from any spun-off movie or musical play shall be donated to Scouts)

Mark Mitchell

Mystery’s LLC

  • A media & entertainment company: golf, sports, music, entertainment, science education, film/TV

  • 100’s and 100’s of intellectual properties

  • Registered with the Georgia Secretary of State Corporations Division (all products, anywhere)

  • USPTO: IC 016, IC035

  • (Mystery’s LLC/Mark K Mitchell) General Delivery, Greenville SC, 29602 (U.S. Post Office)

  • 912-335-9399

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