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"Star Keys"

Proposed music for "Star Keys books"

Book 1: "Flox Mana"

Canto Della Terra (Andrea Bocelli/Sarah Brightman)

The Prayer (Heather Hadley/Sarah Brightman/Andrea Bocelli)

(other songs, originals)

Book 2: "Dark Ancients: The Battle Begins"

Book 3: “9 Keys & 9 Knights”

Sogno (Andrea Bocelli)

Because We Believe (Andrea Bocelli)

The Prayer (Heather Hadley/Sarah Brightman/Andrea Bocelli)

Book 4: “The Word and The Way”

Gothica (Sarah Brightman instrumentation, universe awakening)

Moondrifter (original, Mark Mitchell)

Only a Star-Ship Knows the Skies (original)

Ave Maria (Sarah Brightman)

Dare to Live (Laura Pausini/Andrea Bocelli)

One Winged Angel Theme Song and/or Fighting Theme Song of

Playstation Final Fantasy VII takeoff

IL Mare Calmo Della Sera

(Lord of the Rings: Requiem for a Dream takeoff)

Pie Jesu (instrumentation, Sarah Brightman vocals?, parts of)

Figlio Perduto (instrumentation, Sarah Brightman vocals?, parts of)

Because We Believe (Andrea Bocelli)

(Gladiator end theme takeoff)

Time To Say Goodbye (Sarah Brightman/Andrea Bocelli)

Book 5: “StarScape Mystery: Ghint’e Revenge”

(Final Fantasy takeoffs, etc.)


Book 6: “Mark of The Knights”

Running (Sarah Brightman)

Somewhere (by Sarah Brightman & Andrea Bocelli)


Book 7: “Behold: The Cosmos” (proposed)

Book 8: “Beyond the Brane” (proposed)

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