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"Star Keys" (The Word & the Way) (exotic worlds, space, deep love, tragedy, fast cars,

“I’ve much to see, also, Tee. But, the pods are a blessing. Hemispherical domes, made of the finest alloys, Theman knew what he was doing when he helped the little ones at Harvest House.”

“Yes,” Tee goes on. “There may be like-construction on 8 worlds the Book gives direction to and the new lands rich in splendor like here,” he says and points.

One finger of his left hand wears the gold ring of the Thema Order. His copper bracelet, a mark of the Knights, glistens about his wrist.

“New worlds, it appears so, to hear Theman talk,” Ainia says softly. “We will see much in coming days. I am certain. We were called to serve the Order. As we spoke, it will be good to see old friends. For now, I am ready to spend time with you.”

Corners of her lips turn up; and she looks his way. He releases her hand, his dark-brown eyes fixed ahead.

“It’s not much further.” Thema Tee points. “I.K. gave me directions. He told me how far.”

She giggles. “I.K. Fwong Way, it’s a bit of an odd name. Do you not think?”

Early morning, her soft, brown hair blows with a light breeze.

“I do think so. Ha, ha,” he chuckles. “Now, let us ride.” Turning, he pushes away.

Slowly at first, powerfully then, blazing red edges of light-boards shimmer and jewels of the universe propel them on.

“Phwoom!” Shields activated, once more they ride.

Boards of heaven were enabled by Ancients’ forces. They were willed to riders as a gift to help people of the Order. Like engines of the Dawn Watcher, engines of the boards process electromagnetic energy, ever-present as dark matter in the void called space.

With gluons composing their nano-coated surface, the boards absorb different light waves. Photons provide the activation energy needed to help ignite antimatter with matter. Antihydrogen with hydrogen begets a process where each board acts as a particle accelerator to harness energy found in the sun. In space, gas belts contain concentrations of the dark matter. Like their light-boards, the Dawn Watcher and galaxy gliders magnetic sails capture fuel for instantaneous processing.

One of 10,000 particles in, a given volume, antimatter with matter produces power 1,000 times greater, speeds 1,000 times faster than that which the Ghint’e, counter-culture possesses. Such energy drives the Mother Dawn Watcher. It drives galaxy gliders, boards, and light-staffs Knights and Themas possess. Themas own the force. They own the process; and the Ghint’e, wish to claim it.

“Whoosh!” Boards rip through clear Tungdun skies.

Tungdun’s atmosphere supports intelligent life. Well-proportioned bipedal, bilaterally symmetric, the Tung race has stereoscopic vision. More, with saggy skin folds, gill slits, and nano-biometric properties, emotions drive Tung citizens so that skin tone might mirror a rainbow of colors.

Quai Sigma Nu 2 presides over the Tung. A benevolent ruler-counselor (as all Themas are) Auktetu’ane claimed she always had conservation of resources foremost in council’s minds.

Rainforests feed the planet. Fresh oceans are keepers of life, the Tung people amphibious. And on Tungdun, moc, scrout, and hammett run in cool, clean waters. Flufferfly and bskees fill fields. Screagle, nuwfta, and night-spray wing their way through skies. Shweep bound upon mountain slopes. Scacia, skoak, and skogany compose the deciduous forest, while thrice, skurkey, spabbit, and newtgen work tender mouths at tubers and fruits of the twornterry, flackberry, and frasbury bushes. Prey and predator of all kind are present, as they are on all O-8 green worlds. Life evolves and adapts to the unique physio and biochemical features of a planet.

“There!” Tee shouts. Stopped, he hovers.

“I see it,” Ainia squeals. Her eyes twinkle as sun’s rays might slip through drops of rainwater.

“It is as Galileo and Stargazer said it would be. It’s magnificent,” he says, looks ahead, and beams.

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