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"The Screepy's"

Suzy couldn’t stop talking about new friends she’d met. “Dr. Pattymore was so funny,” Suzy said to Eddie. “About ready to pop buttons on his shirt, he pulled his thin beard and blabbed big words, Eddie. He said, “Regarding skin color, I speculate it may be the result of cyanoglobin rather than hemoglobin circulating in the bloodstream.”

“Pugh.” Eddie spat like he’d spit sunflower seeds watching a baseball game.

“Yep. That’s what Dr. Pattymore told Grandfather, who asked about strange Screepy’s, Eddie,” Suzy said. “Dr. Pattymore went on, “Screepy forefathers have often wondered of Bartholomew’s passing the trait through generations.” He said, “I’ve spoken with Harry and Jeepers before. Unquestionably, it is a unique characteristic.”

Listening, Eddie simply looked at Suzy like he’d died and gone to heaven.

But, now, regardless of talk—of normal build, having purplish-red lips, no physician in town has ever had the opportunity to sample blood type. Perhaps it’s best.

“As you are aware,” Peepy went on with her brown hair up neatly in a bun and cropped with a bright-yellow hair clamp. “Creepy is able to morph, that is, to alter his shape. He can slide into and under unique places where others might not be able to follow. Sleepy—my goodness. We’ve learned Sleepy can put a hypnotic whammy on many.” She giggled and then turned to sweet Fairy. “Then there’s Fairy, who’s just coming of age with powers. Fairy has twinky dust, very much like the small, dust grains, the pollen grains found inside tulips, daffodils, and buttercups.”

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