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"Goof the Grass Gnome"


“Zap! Ka pow! Zwee!”

Celia Weed flew and was off to wreak havoc at another ball field, golf course, or park. RNA Goof had fired his mutant multiplier. An invisible ray blasted turf. Dirt exploded. “Missed her,” Goof groaned.

Second-graders Chad and Oree team with Goof the grass gnome. To Doral’s Blue Monster, to Fenway, to Dallas where the Cowboys play the Titans, then to Winged Foot and across the bay to Philadelphia Eagles Saturday night game of the week, to save the planet from destructive, replicating Celia and Wylie Weed—to keep grass green, ball fields safe, players and fans happy, Oree and Chad learn news as Goof explains: “Chlorophyll, chloroplasts, vacuoles, nuclear membranes, it’s all so specialized,” he rambled. “Cells are powerhouses of micro-activity. Like building a stadium, adding box seats, bringing in popcorn, pizza, and drinks, cells add players, organize, kick off, and keep score. A good game plan fans multiply, weeds or grass, thrive. Too, the game gets wild, can get out of hand if extra players fill the field, if fans spill onto turf. Sometimes we don’t know where the DNA parts, where proteins and more will go.”

“You mean rungs on the ladder switch-up, do as linemen do depending on quarterbacks’ signals?” Chad’s eyebrows rose.

“Exactly.” Goof bowed.

Change was in the wind. Grass and Weeds were at odds. School kids Chad and Oree found mystery and adventure.

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