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"TV & Film/movies: thoughts for you"

TV & Cinema (a variety of works can go to film, television or big screen, animation, part animation, or be realistic with real actors and actresses). Continued below.

Golf (animation to real) seasonal TV specials

via books

Loaded-up for corporates and public (30 minute to 1 hour specials, series, too). Corporate messages, name, and products might be broadcast for years (renewals):

· Figgy Daughshund: A Spooky Christmas

· Sand Play: Castle Spooks (Halloween)

· A Clubhouse Crew Christmas

· A Clubhouse Crew (Boo) Halloween

· A Caddy’s Quiet Walk

· Golpher & Jinx Series (15 easy-reader books)


(Plus, “Star Keys” 6-novel series potential to boost golf to niched, can be tweaked to real and/or animated—2 to 3-hour TV broadcasts, 6 movies with golf involved in sophisticated, subtle, blended fashion)

*Star Keys series includes little people (like dwarves, Lilliputians, munchkins, hobbits) which I have named: Gameonites (as they live on Theta Gurea-Dd, a rocky body, an earth, or, Gameon (Game-e-on), where they work, play games, as the science fiction saga evolves to sophisticated science, entertainment, other-worlds, stars of the O-8 Order in faraway galaxies.

*Gameonite characters could also be named: Golfkins or Gamekins (like Hobbits or Muchkins); or Gokins.

“Star Keys” (broadcast for a world audience, blockbuster science fiction series; epic saga). Mainstream, designed for all ages (4 to 100), all races, with realistic actors and actresses in mind, strong primary and supporting roles for blacks, whites, Asians, Latin Americans, the series contains elements like:

· Star Wars

· Lord of the Rings

· The Wizard of Oz

· Superman

· Star Trek

· Avatar

· X-Men

· Harry Potter

· Night Gallery

This “shoot to the moon,” other-worldly, made for dazzling special effects, romantic, action-packed, eye-popping, dramatic, thought-provoking series includes thematic music, comedy, star-battles, tragedy, illusion, prince & princess, exotic aliens, warring factions, frightening creatures, keen science & technology, engaging, mystifying, sinister, fun-loving, fast cars and blazing guns, enchanting, memorable characters of a lifetime. As well, sports and games are included in subtle, appropriate ways:

· Archery

· Golf

· Basketball

· Rugby-of-a-kind

· Auto racing

· Swimming

· Running

· Wrestling

· Martial arts

· Football

· Gymnasium workouts

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