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"Codices Keys"

“Good,” Lippy says. Tugging his red and blue cap, he goes on. “Well, I’m eager to take pieces-of-eight from you Horned Frogs and grinding Gophers. I feel confident,” he says and he continues…

Stranger than three-eyed squids spit out by giant sea-bass, three smiling figures wobble heads and stand to attention.

“Going, Going, and Gone. We’re at your service sir.” They jerk forward and report to Chip. With eyes the size of giant, pink, blue, and gold pearls, their red lips wiggle and they nod.

Three, easy-going bumpkins beam. Gone, nods. “We’re three goons, sir. We’re lunatics. Or, as we’re best known at home, we’re Goonaticks: Going, Going and Gone,” he reports again. “Going Once, Going Twice, and Gone, sir, are at your disposal and beckon call.” Gone points to Going Once and Going Twice.

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