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"Golpher Makes China Talk"

Jinx and I were visiting the White House. We were strolling through flower gardens with the president and his wife. I’d been invited to play an afternoon round with the president. But, I carried my sand wedge as we walked.

“Golpher, I see you have your club with you.”

“Woof. Yes sir,” I followed. Bees buzzed in green and white clover, yellow honeysuckle, and in pink petunias. It was spring. Flowers in bloom, everything was humming.

“You feel comfortable with a club?” the president went on. Steps from us Jinx had stopped to look at yellow and blue pansies with the president’s wife. “It puts you at ease, does it?”

“Yes, sir.” I licked lips. “Bobby Jones carried a club. It had weight. Bobby had weight, had clout. Everywhere he went people spoke.”

(Image of Golpher and president and wife in garden, talking)

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