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"Golpher Makes China Talk"

Two days later, as we said goodbye to adoring Beijing fans, Jinx and I traveled by Land Rover. We headed south to Jinan.

“Woof. I love Land Rover, Jinx.”

“The car is elegant, smooth,” she followed. Purring, she dug her claws in soft carpet.

“I take you where you need to go Golpher.” Dong Yao grinned. Driving, he was to be our chauffeur, our guide, our interpreter for the trip. “I so glad to be in relationship business with you.”

Music on, wheels rolling along the highway, we cruised into Jinan in short, chip and putt order.

“Premier Wu has kept his word,” I mummed. “We’ve royal treatment, Jinx.”

“He has, Golpher. Too, I love it. Ling and Don Wu, a sweet couple, we have doggie business, relations business to attend to. Fred and Barney began the game. The president said we should carry a club. Yabba-dabba-do, Dino had bones, Fred Flintstone had his cart, and stone in China builds relations.”

“Ah, so, Golpher, Jinx,” said Dong. “Now, we getting close.”

Jinx and I had seen photographs of exotic green grass golf courses carved among stones. Architects of the world, China was flagged for pins.

(Image of Golpher and Jinx in Land Rover with Dong Yao, chauffeur)

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