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"Ice Age Mystery"

Evolving out of rugged Denali Park, Alaska, extending to historic archaeological sites of North America, Stanley and Ice Age Mystery race through time. Ice. Ancient-teens Kayaka, Snowahn, and pets, Attu and Ehku, reveal their eerie, icy story.

Nine-year-old Stanley (Ice-Cup) Husky explores. Uncovering historic Books of Stone, Stanley’s father, Bering, is driven by mysterious clues to uncover roots of lost people and his ancestors, Stanley’s ancestors. Wolf, their beloved Arctic Malamute, follows. Wolf’s genes evolved from a destiny bred in snow and ice. Ice covered northern latitudes ten-thousand and more years, ago. Ice shaped continents, shaped cultures, and shaped Stanley’s history. While digging for Pleistocene Ice Age mammal artifacts, accompanying multiracial friends and a loving family drop jaws; and knees knock on news and finds of ancient yesteryear. Giant beaver, woolly mammoth, sabre-tooth, as well as, prehistoric horses, giant sloths, even camels roam North America. Yellowstone smokes. Pterodactyls spread wings. Physical geography, chemistry, and astronomical events forever determine a planet’s fate. Stanley’s measurement and calculation skills, his fascination for old bones, his family’s interest in bedrock, ice, soils, ancient cultures and stones take a rollicking digging troop to new highs and to new lows. Madmen follow brilliant archaeologist, Bering Husky, across the bone-filled continent. With Dutch Pawn, Dr. Smilodon Perry and Dr. Mastodon Monmooth bring schemers. Old bones and stolen, priceless Books of Stone, and treasured, golden ice cups, keep devious plotters wanting millions: the highest bid on the black market for rare antiquities. Stanley chases, takes risks, and digs deep.

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