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"Ice Age Mystery"

Stanley shakes his head up and down. “Yep. It’s Castoroides ohioensis, a giant beaver, boy. I know it is. Dad has shown me dozens of pictures. There’s no mistaking the whopping teeth. Golly it’s a good skull. Maybe the rest of the time-worn body is in place and buried in soil. Who-wee. Iced in time, he’s a friend of mine. Ha, ha.”

Stanley brushes. He grins and Wolf prances. Dangling on the rooted, muddy vine, Stanley works his way to scrape more soil away.

“I must make certain of my discovery. Dad needs to see this, boy. Specializing in animals of the Pleistocene Epoch, specifically, large, Ice Age mammals, dad knows. Then, mom loves her archaeology,” he goes on while brushing. “With Paleo-Indians, her specialty, mom also likes Clovis culture. Both mom and dad have found ice history fascinating, Wolf. They’ve built careers around a time when glacial ice advanced to the 40th parallel.”

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