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"San Francisco Gold"

“Cactus Jack & Snake-eye Black”

(song: Mark Mitchell)

“Cactus Jack and Snake-eye Black

West of the Rockies, they made tracks

Spun some yarns, told their tales

Saloons, and railroads, ships they sailed

Horses rode, guns a-blazing

Cons-a-racing, gold a-tracing

Cactus Jack, Cactus Jack

Snake-eye Black you two we’ll sack

(Banjo, Guitar, Piano)

Early in San Francisco hey-days Cactus Jack and boys see attempts to heist gold, foiled, while they explore nature, tell tall tales, drink sarsaparilla, and long for dolled-up gals. Shoot-fire, you thought the Niners, the San Francisco Giants, and green grass pro shops were started by men like Bing Crosby and Bob Hope. Nope. Rope and ride Cactus Jack. There’s history to tell.

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