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"Star Keys: Ghint'e Revenge)

“No! I won’t have it!” At the helm of his Ghint’e craft, Tiekus Tauk, yells. Regaining focus, his heart pounding quickly, he sits geared for revenge.

In darkness, speeding away from massive ground-fire on Aboto, Tiekus Tauk and Yabba Yea fly a ship that fires at two escaping, G-T speeder planes. Both Order vessels gear up for warp drive.

“Man, your stations! They’ll accelerate at any moment!” Tauk, the stocky, strong general with brown, mottled skin directs and eyes his men.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

With guns blazing in darkness, behind them, craft still wage war.

Now, Tauk pilots his Spider-ship, and the man is blind with rage. “Fire!”

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