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"Noodle KaNuckle"


Born in a small four-room home in central Kentucky, as a baby, sucking in chicken noodle soup, Jimmy KaNuckle’s first words were, “Noodle.” Thus named, growing up, Jimmy and best friend Jeb Buist (and wonder dog Woodja) pursue their passions: coon hunting and bass fishing while chicken noodle soup cures colds and warms hearts. Racing, weaving, jumping, coon hunting bred pure skills Noodle needed for football. A game winner, a goal post success, Noodle gains fame on the gridiron where his family moves from their potato-raising, spud-farm to the coast. Golden warbler to call the game, Patrick, Noodle's father, declares, “Potatoes keep us fed son; but college is where dynamic teachers show you, new seams, new openings, new reads. Teachers know and books sew gridiron glory.” Slow to read, Noodle gains gorgeous tutors. Cyree Lewis and Delma Gunn dot his eyes. Yet, the Chicken Monster stalks. Noodle has nightmares. They’re quelled as new love Ginny Maycox knows coon-hunting, frog-gigging, too. “Trust your girl, Noodle. I’ll put that monster to bed.” She did. Noodle never had nightmares again. Ginny and chicken noodle soup helped cure, score, and save the day.

“Noodle KaNuckle”

Noodle KaNuckle

A memorable name

A football great

So, the Pirates claim

He hurdled and leapt

And he ran with the Pack

Through tacklers he weaved

He’d smile when sacked

Noodle KaNuckle

The Pirate fans know

He was a man

For the ages, they toll, they toll, they toll among stands of Binky Bunter Stadium of ShankleShore High

No—Noodle was no alien

Though creepy when he walked

He was graceful when he ran

He waved to the fans

They called Noodle grand

Noodle KaNuckle, he’s a Pirate man’s fan

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