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Musc for: The Screepy's (920 pages unillustrated; divide into 13 chapter books to be illustrated; or, divide to 3 novels, 3 movie-potential). Ghosts, goblins, ghouls, historic European castles, historic fiction, fun.


Ghosts of Days Gone By


The Ghost Ship Sails

Twilight Zone*

Boris the Spider*

(The Spider & The Fly)


Tubular Bells*

Come Back Creepy Screepy

The Mighty Cid

Purple People Eater*

Little Red Riding Hood*

Cyclone (Wizard of Oz)*

Wicked Witch is Dead (Wizard of Oz)*

Ghost Town*

Lord of the Rings*


Escargot on the Seine


The Shadow Song

Inching Pinching

Monster Mash*

Jeepers Creepers*

The Phantom of the Opera (Overture)*

The Count is Out

Sleep My Love

Haunted House of Rock*

(Whodoo’d by the Voo Doo Doctor)

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