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"A Clubhouse Crew (Boo) Halloween"

“Okay, Bee; but you know I’d rather cut-up than clean up,” Shank blabbed. Shank swayed. “My cartilaginous body is twitching, itching, and I’m ready to haunt houses, hunt for pumpkins.”

Shank spouted…

“Cats and bats, scary tales of the night

Shadows and noises that add to the fright

Creepy and eerie things I see

Make me soon doubt just where I should be

Candy and fun, I’ll bear haunted sights

To trick and treat on Halloween nights

Let’s go party out from the lights

Halloween, darkness, it adds to the fright.”

Boo!” Shank’s fast fin quickly flipped a toad-decorated, light-switch. Lights flickered on and off and Shank the shark grinned big enough to swallow a whole blueberry pie in one, big, gulp.

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