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"Star Keys" (The Word & the Way) (blockbuster, cinematic, epic mystery & adventure

“Let’s look closer.” Leaning forward, she glides in front of Tee.

Each, moves gracefully upon their boards. Two, young lovers surf air currents, and then set boards to rest upon a grand network of stone that lay at the bottom of the turbulent falls. Now, they step from their boards.

“Take my hand!” Tee says loudly over roaring water.

The cascading, life-giving liquid spills over a precipice nearly 200 meters high. A variety of tiny fish jump in clear, blue, deep and shallow pools. Tee and Ainia stand surrounded by igneous and metamorphic rock that lay cleaved from giant stone formations rounded by the dynamic forces of the strong stream.

“Step with me,” he calls and his eyes gleam.

Tee pulls her to, large, slippery rocks that crop from the water’s cool surface.

“It is astounding. It’s beautiful,” she says and looks on.

Water sprays bodies. Tungdun’s sun slings soothing rays. Brilliant sun and cold, refreshing water appear to energize minds and souls.

“Kakaki! Kakaki! Kakaki!” Close by, a bird cries while fluttering in flowering trees and heavy brush.

“Kakaki!” Another, answers at the opposite side of the fast-flowing stream.

“Two, white, tufted, wing-a-wots,” Ainia says. She casts alluring eyes as they pass.

They each watch as the two, bright-white birds flap wings, lift, and swoop. Then, joining one another they return to the deep-green forest.

“Theman, nor I, could do no better than this, Tee. It’s lovely here.”

With knightly powers Ainia helped restore the devastation set upon Gameon by Borzoyle Ze Zahl. Ze said he would take the land again if he possessed the Book, though now, in conflict with Themas, the Dark Lord seeks other green lands as Ghint’e help.

“It is; and who could?” Tee follows.

Now, water spills and faces lighten.

“For the moment, Tee,” she whispers, “I feel as if I could walk upon water.”

“Ha,” he laughs; and he thrusts hands forward. “Let’s swim.”

She smiles. “Okay.” Her hands flow. They free light robes, which gently slip away from an eye-appealing, perfect torso. Head to toe, radiant, in quiet splendor, now, she steps lightly.

In seconds, in only flesh, they glide and play.

“Swim,” Tee says easily. “Swim and feel the power of renewing waters.”

Each, laughs. They glide as lazy scurtles might bask on a sunny day near a cool pond. Swim, swim, laugh and love. Two lovers splash, smile, and relax. As they do, eyes in the forest take notice. Yet, Ainia and Tee’s moment is private as lower life forms that flit, flutter, and crawl in woods might find the new, humanoid creatures simply another part of their mystical world and oddly gifted.

Then shortly, revived, lovers are out. Nearly naked they rest on warm, round, boulders of the roaring stream.

Tender eyes roam the rainforest. But more than this, animals of the forest continue to peer their way.

“Were there a rainbow on all other worlds at every citizen’s door like that which we see here, Tee.” Ainia licks lips.

“Oh, yes.” He nods. Bare feet rub rock.

Now she nestles to his smooth side. Her soft cheek brushes against his strong shoulder where the Mark of the Knights lay. Extending legs, they sit with their feet draped in a whirling pool of water. Toes wiggle, each stripped of their tight uniforms and only light garments guarding precious body parts.

There have been few moments like this where they have been by themselves, in peace, in splendor. Each surely feels the warmth of one another’s smile, the touch of hands to bare skin. Now, warm, soft lips press. Fingers glide to skin.

Alone, they have a moment of peace.

The conference will wait. Together, in love, passion burns as stars would blaze and set fire to heart-strung souls. Far above, a star-ship orbits Tungdun.

“Only Star-ships know the Skies”

(Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman, duet)

by Mark Mitchell

"All things from heavens

Made from earth and stars

All things from heavens

Shining, here we are

In time, we know

Just what it takes to be

Someone very special

Will wait somewhere for me


(Strings, percussion, woodwind, piano, cymbals)


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