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"The Screepy's"

“Yes. Granted so,” Merlock says. Still eye-to-eye with Mary and Barry, he glances to Charles. “History records ghost activity in countless places. Yet, again, I am always looking for rational explanations, Charles, my good man. Such supernatural happenings as we’ve experienced, they’re dumbfounding.”

“Again,” Charles says, “Merlock, I sense your frustration seeing disparity between your training for reason and the illogical activities we’ve recently encountered.”

“By pippy, yes,” Merlock spits. “The, disconnect, it’s quite maddening, you see.” With his hands behind his back, stooping, Merlock’s eyebrows, rise to Mary and Barry.

“We understand your, being baffled, inspector,” Barry guards, words.

“A-hum,” Charles grunts. Eyes focus to Merlock. “Strange happenings are difficult to comprehend and cope with. I face the same intellectual challenges you face, sir.”

“Thank you, Chip.” Merlock veers. “Now, as I was saying, Mary, Barry, I need your explanations of events I have just alluded to. I cannot continue further, without it. I absolutely can’t.”

Merlock Colmbs throws hands, up.

“Um,” Mary hums. She looks to Barry.

Muddled, Merlock taps one foot; and he folds his inspecting arms to his tight chest.

“Barry,” Merlock goes on, “you mentioned you would explain the activities of Creepy at Edinburgh Castle. I implore you to do so now? Then, Mary, please elaborate about this seeming presence, this sensing ability you have. Obviously, you possess a clairvoyant power. I can certainly give credence to it in some regard after seeing the matter.”

“Ah,” Barry groans. He looks to Mary.

Now, Mary nods; and she smiles. “We must confide in those here, Barry.” She exhales. “It is time.”

“Yes, I suppose we…oomph! What in the world?” Hit in the back, Barry blurts.

Startled, Barry pivots. His eyes gaze to a nerf-football. Bouncing on the deck of the ship, it comes to rest nearly at his feet. Touchdown Bucky Gordy had inadvertently thrown the ball high and off target on a long, down-and-out to his favorite receiver, Santiago.

“Oh. Sorry, fellas,” Santiago apologizes. He steps their way.

“Please boys,” says Suzy. “Play elsewhere.”

“Yes, Santiago. Please move to the other side of the ship. We’re talking please,” Charles advises.

“I’m sorry, Barry,” playful Santiago, says. His forearms stout, his legs thick like mature oak trees, Santiago wipes wide cheeks. “The ball flew away from Bogey. We’ll slide to the other side of the deck. Sure.”

Playful, he grabs the ball, spins; and he tips his hand to the group, while making a hasty retreat.

“My goodness. Where was I?” Barry asks.

“You were prepared to offer thoughts on Screepy’s paranormal abilities,” Merlock reminds him.

Barry’s eyes dart to friends. “Okay,” he says and he lets out a deep breath. “I guess it’s time to talk, sir, about abilities that Mary, I, and other Screepy members have. Yes, Merlock, what I have, to say could help in our goal to recover necessary, items from castles we’ll be moving to.”

“Enlighten me, please,” Merlock follows.

“Me too. I’m all ears,” Eddie says. He perks up. “I’m eager to hear what tidbits might tantalize us, Barry. Yes,” Eddie says easily. He cocks his head. Leaning closer, he squints. “Wondering what eerie and magical secrets lay with Screepy’s is like wondering if the tooth fairy might leave you hocus-pocused some night. You don’t know what’s up. Please, do go on.”

“All right,” says Barry. One finger brushes his smooth, nose. His lips twist. “I’m rather glad to get this matter out in the open,” he begins. “Mary and I do not necessarily want to reveal family secrets; but, but...”

“Right. Please go ahead,” Suzy urges.

“I’m waiting,” Merlock says coolly.

Tossed by rough, salty waves the ship rolls. It cuts a course close to their destination.

“Okay. Here is what you need to know,” says Barry.

“Finally,” Merlock sighs. He places his hand upon Barry’s shoulder.

“Yes, inspector,” Barry goes on. “Every generation of Screepy’s has possessed what you refer to as paranormal ability. We have capabilities, or powers.”

“Why, that was certainly evident with Mary,” Suzy states.

“Do go on,” says Merlock.

Suzy listens alongside Mary and Eddie. Nodding, cute, with divine dimples, she gently takes Mary’s hand.

“You know you’re well thought of, Mary…all of you,” Suzy says softly. “Why, a slight difference in skin color and strange abilities means nothing to me, to Eddie, or to the others.”

Blue skin

Six toes

Big lips

Eyes glow?

Screepy’s have them, all too true. What does it matter?

Eyes glow, they do. Oh, Creepy’s eye’s glow, sometimes they do. Most times they simply jitter, twitter, and take attention away from thoughts.

When first meeting the Screepy’s Suzy told Eddie, “Looks don’t mean everything to me Eddie nor should they to the rest of our friends. Besides, in his own precious way, Creepy is cute and cuddly. He’s just a little different; and all Screepy’s are adorable.”

“I’m not bothered by weird people just by weird places,” Eddie sai.

Now, Suzy continues. “We know something is unique about Screepy’s and their abilities, Barry. We love you folks,” Suzy says. She giggles.

“Yes; and well, thank you,” says soft-bellied Barry. He sniffs; and he smiles. “Well, we’re not certain why Screepy’s have always had talent, certain powers, Suzy, Charles, Merlock,” Barry continues. “Mom and dad have asked us to keep quiet about these matters. But for Cary’s sake, we probably need to share a few things. You see, we family members have come to accept the fact we are unique in odd ways. Then, trying to keep family secrets hidden, we don’t want to be thought of as different. Rather, we wish to be considered, normal. So, we need secrets, knowledge of our powers, kept quiet, please.”

“Sure. Of course,” Eddie says.

“Absolutely,” says Merlock.

Eddie nods. “But I’m itching to know, Barry, as a young boy might stand curious wondering if enough quarters in his piggy bank might buy a model, crimson-red Fokker triplane, a replica of that captained by the Red Barron. You’re, our friends. Go on.”

Barry bends. In his pockets, hands twist.

“We understand, Barry, Mary,” Merlock says. “Please do continue my good man as we have been dragging this out much, much too long. Please get to the quick,” he says; and he taps his cap. “Tell us about Mary. Tell us about you and any of the others and special abilities you might have.”

Barry rolls tight lips. “All right. What you need to understand is, Mary is truly clairvoyant. She possesses telepathic talent,” Barry starts. “Mary can sense things: spirits, emotions, and feelings of others in a manner I can’t explain nor can she. She just does.” He pivots. “Right, Mary?”

“Yes,” Mary replies.

“Then,” Barry continues, “Mary, to some degree, can express her thoughts to members of our own family and, on occasion, to others. She doesn’t need to speak directly to them.”

Eddie asks, “You mean to tell me, for example, you can talk to your parents without a phone, when you’re not in the same room, Mary? I’m rather boggled and confused. Golly, telepathic. Whew, is that the case?” he whistles.

“Ha. Yes, a little bit. At short distances, I can,” says Mary. “In some cases, in limited ways, I can project my thoughts; and I can sense what others are thinking.”

Mary brushes her soft, hair. She smiles.

“I’m tickled to find others surprised with this information,” she carries on. “I’ve never had a chance to tell anyone before.”

“Impressive,” Merlock says studying words. “Entirely fascinating,” he speaks up.

The inspector rolls his lower lip over his upper. Squinting, he taps the index finger of his right hand against his cheek.

“Yep. That’s sweet sis. She’s a wonder,” Barry goes on. “As for me, I have certain psychokinetic powers. With concentration, I’m able to move small objects, to twist and contort them, to even levitate items a certain distance depending on weight,” he explains. “Then there’s Creepy, cousin Creepy Screepy. He can somehow, morphologically alter the molecular composition of his bizarre body. Retaining his faculties, he can slip and slide through cracks, through holes, through places and spaces that no man or beast might otherwise be able to. This is how he obtained access to the crown jewels, earlier. It’s how he replaced them.”

“Augh,” friends gush.

“I understand. Truly unbelievable,” Merlock mutters.

Gulls hover and fly. Squawking, they look for additional food as Doug and Danny drop their jaws.

“Phew, yes. Incredible. Amazing powers. That’s totally creepy and phenomenal, all right,” Danny says. “Shake my Willie Wonkas for sure.”

He nods along with Eddie, Suzy, and Charles.

“All too wild and cousin Creepy, why, he’s uncanny,” Eddie continues.

“Yes. He is more than psycho-babble,” Barry says. He chuckles.

Shimmering fish leap in blue-gray water. The port growing nearer, ghostigating friends toss a soft football, playing games.

“And Sleepy?” Merlock asks away from the rumbling group. He cuts eyes sideways to Barry.

“Yes, Sleepy,” Barry continues. “Sleepy-eyed Sleepy can hypnotize and put others to sleep,” he adds quickly spilling beans of family news. “Too, there’s Fairy, sweet cousin Fairy. With a special dusting, her twinky dust makes people invisible. I don’t know how she does it nor do I know where the twinky dust comes from.”

“Twinky dust?” Merlock mumbles. He shakes his head. “Augh, ha,” he chortles. “Why, such a term is confounding, Barry.”

“Indeed, sir,” says Barry.

“Fairy is so sweet,” Suzy, comments. “We all love her.”

“She is adorable, thank you,” Mary says. “Yes. When Fairy shakes twinky dust on someone they become temporarily invisible.”

“What? Go on. You’re fibbing,” Doug declares as eyes bug.

“Yes, it’s true,” Mary continues. “Or, at Fairy’s discretion, the dust could cause persons to become half-mad and delusional for some period. Twinky dust can do several things. As Barry says, we don’t know how she does it.”

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